September 6 & 7, 2007

[Second Meeting]

Identify essential terms/vocabulary for topic research.
Develop a rationale for topic/subject selection.
Organize the essential information regarding the topic/subject.

On the Word document, Topic Selection: College Courses, do the following:
a. Using the highlighter option in Microsoft Word, highlight the terms or phrases that are essential to the topic/subject. (These words will be used to search for more information regarding the topic/subject because they are the operative terms for the topic/subject.)
[Letters b-d should be typed below the course description in type, colored blue.]
b. Explain why I selected this course. (Why do I have an interest in this?)
c. Identify what I don't know, that I would like to know. (What is compelling me to study this?)
d. Identify the problem/conflict that I would care to investigate. (In a short, flowing paragraph describe the problem/conflict by addressing the following questions: I need to identify: Who is involved? What is the issue? When is the time-frame that is considered? Where in the world is this going on? What is the cause of this problem/conflict? What has been the effect of the event? What can I argue or debate about this?)

The title of the aforementioned assignment = Topic Selection: College Courses 2
Due: the third class meeting.