September 12 & 14, 2007

[Fourth Meeting]

Create a section on my blog for assignments. A place where I can upload Microsoft Word documents. Upload each of the assignments I have done thus far for class. Examine the days that we have met and fill in the appropriate information. Correspond the assignment title on my blog to that of the Word document assignment. Also, copy the description as Mr. Alexander has written it.
Also, I am to post my e-mail address on my blog and create a link that redirects me back to the class wikipage.

Assignment #5:
Read: working thesis. Then, read: developing an argument. Next, write a working thesis for each of the two highest subject/topic priorities for your thesis.
Address the following issues for this assignment:
1. Topic/Subject:
2. Who is involved? What parties/groups are acting against or with one another?
3. What is the conflict/issue?
4. When is the conflict going on? Identify the year the conflict began and spans through.
5. Where is the conflict/issue taking place? If global, identify specific locations that will require focus.
6. Why is this a relevant conflict/issue to me?
7. Cause. (The conflict/issue began due to….)
8. Effects. (The conflict/issue has significance to...and ramifications that effect...)
9. My position/argument:
10. Working thesis:

The title of the assignment = Working Thesis
Due: the fifth class meeting.