[Thirteenth Meeting]

Develop the first section of the outline by writing a question after each heading. By writing this question, I will enable myself to be much more concise with my writing and will enable me to enrich the content of the paragraph and prevent myself from including extraneous writing. Reorganize the order of the headings of the outline so each question logically follows the one preceding.

After organizing the outline, I will begin to address the first third of the paper by responding to the questions I posed in each section of the outline. This will force me to expanding the depth of my research.

When I experience difficulty searching for resources to address my questions, I will speak with Dr. Valenza regarding access to the University databases.

Be sure to check my blog throughout the semester for comments by anyone who reads it.

Be sure to refer to the due dates on the Wiki home page.

Reminder: write the first body section (according to my outline) of my paper. This is due the next class meeting; e-mail to Mr. Alexander and have a paper-copy for class.