[Sixteenth Meeting]

Critique process.
Measure successes.
Identify procedural adjustments.

Conference regarding the process of researching and writing.

Be sure to check my blog throughout the semester for comments by anyone who reads it.

Address the following by typing the responses and presenting each prompt as an independent paragraph:
How do I know I have been experiencing success with my research? My success is indicative through...
I have become a more efficient researcher since I learned...
I realize that the pace and progress of my research has been...
If I were to go back in time to our seventh class meeting and could relive the last three-and-a-half weeks, I would change/would not change... because...
During, the next fifteen days (prior to the paper's second third due date) I want to emphasize/focus on the following five things (four of which are to address: skills, content, research and process) while progressing with my thesis:...

Once these prompts have been addressed, they are to be printed out and submitted to Mr. Alexander and posted on my blog in the category: 07 - Research Concerns, Issues, Problems and save it under the heading of Research Feedback One

First third of paper draft.