[forty-first meeting]

Information regarding defense schedule.

Defense schedule...
Charlie Pritchard - January 16, 11:55p-12:20p (C3 lunch, "eat and chat")
Ben Jenkins - January 16, 1:15p-1:45p (D block)
Jake Field - January 17, 11:25a-11:50a (C2 lunch, "eat and chat")
Casey Clark - January, 17 1:10p-1:40p (D block)
Steve Molino - January, 17 1:50p-2:20p (D block)
Brian Godshall - January 18, 1:15p-1:45p (D block)

Prep for defense.
The panelists have been instructed with:
The process involves critical reading of the student's paper - questioning and commenting on the content therein, then sitting on the 25-30 minute panel experience when the student discusses her or his research and the process which the individual underwent. Panelists, will question and comment to the student regarding the content of the paper as well as to anything from the process, structure, format, synthesis, support and citations.