[thirty sixth meeting]

Render all tasks complete.

Go to room 227 during C block to acquire 3 different peer papers to edit during break.
Editing of the papers include:
1. Posing questions or indicating requested change to clarify understanding. (Ex: I don't understand this because.... OR: Address.... in order for me to understand this.) [To be written in the margin.]
2. Observing the mechanics and grammar that we reviewed in our own paper and suggesting changes. [To be written in the double space among the lines of text.]
3. Commenting: I like this!, Interesting, Hmmm..., I disagree! [To be written in the margin.]

Edit papers and submit them to Mr. Alexander the morning we return from break, either during homeroom or between Homeroom and A block.

The following are the remaining steps of the Senior Thesis course:

- Prepare for panel discussion.

- Panel discussion.

- Feedback from panelists.

- Debriefing and assessment of panel discussion with Mr. Alexander.

- Consideration of panelist feedback.

- Submission of completed Senior Thesis to Mr. Alexander.