a - Blogs Who is talking about this issue? Are there well-established blogs that offer reliable voices behind an issue or question? (For instance, a soldier's blog might give in-the-field perspective relating to the war in Iraq.) Some of these sites will help you search the blogosphere.
b - Books (Dewey or LC Numbers or links to ebooks) Annotate any titles that are critically important. If a work is truly not-to-be-missed, you might consider linking to reviews from the New York Times, Amazon, or other online sources.
c - Databases Which subscription services would be best for this research? (For instance, specific Galenet or EBSCOhost databases, elibrary, Congressional Quarterly Researcher, etc.)
d - Experts/Scholars Are there noted individuals whose names just keep popping up in your best resources? Who are they and why should people researching this topic refer to them?
e - Individual websites A personal website that is created by an individual.
f - Journal articles Specific articles that have been published.
g - Journals List any accessible, full-text journals that would be helpful to researchers. For instance, for a pathfinder on "training", might link to Runner's World Online.
h - Media, images, video, audi, etc. Does the library have any films or film series that will add understanding of the topic? Have you discovered any videos that should be rented or purchased and viewed? Are there relevant Web-based videos available from reliable, stable archives?
i - Primary Sources Are there key documents--letters, speeches, legislation, etc--that are important or lead to a better understanding of the
j - RSS Feeds Family of XML file formats for web syndication used by news websites and weblogs. They are used to provide items containing short descriptions of web content together with a link to the full version of the content.
k - Resources