[Twelfth Meeting]

Continue elaboration/expansion of outline. The outline enables more specific/focused/refined research regarding the content.

Select three faculty/staff members to serve as my potential faculty adviser. This list of three people is to be e-mailed to Mr. Alexander with the subject line of SR THESIS ADVISORS. The reason I will have a Reading Advisor is to have an other professional who can offer insight and assistance as desired.

Occasionally, some Reading Advisors will want to be integrally involved in the thesis research and writing process. But more often than not, most readers will simply read the thesis and offer comments. It is the student's responsibility to establish the reader's preferred role is as well as a weekly meeting time. Be sure to check my blog throughout the semester for comments by anyone who reads it.

Write the first body section (according to my outline) of my paper. This is due the fourteenth class meeting; e-mail to Mr. Alexander and have a paper-copy for class.