[Twenty sixth meeting]

Critique process.
Measure successes.
Identify procedural adjustments.

Type precis for final third of paper. Then, print a copy to submit to Mr. Alexander.
Reexamine self-guided changes to procedure from the final third of research writing assignment, then assess adherence to procedures and goals for the final third.
Redress the questions for the final third of the paper:
How do I know I have been successful with the second third of my research? My success is indicative through...
I am able to indicate the improvements with my the efficiency of my research during the second third...
I realize that the pace and progress of my research has been... compared to the first third of my research.
If I were to go back in time to our twenty second class meeting and could relive the last two weeks, I would change/would not change... because...
During, the next seven days (prior to the paper's final due date) I want to emphasize/focus on the following three things while wrapping up my thesis:...

Once these prompts have been addressed, they are to be printed out and submitted to Mr. Alexander and posted on my blog in the category: 07 - Research Concerns, Issues, Problems and save it under the heading of Research Feedback Three

Adjust outline if needed and post to blog and print out a hard copy for Mr. Alexander. I am to be sure that the outline reflects the organization of my paper as well as addresses all of its content.

I am to also write a summary of my three precis. Then, print a copy to submit to Mr. Alexander

Type an introduction and conclusion on a Word document. Each is to be a separate paragraph. This document is to be e-mailed to Mr. Alexander before 2:00pm Saturday, November 24th.