[thirty fourth meeting]

Understand that there are different protocols for paper organization, structure and citations among the differing academic disciplines.
Learn to outsource for diagnostics.

1. Investigate under which academic discipline the subject of my thesis would be considered.
a. Find a college/university website and determine under which department my paper would be submitted. Then, seek the conventions for the papers submitted to the selected department. If the conventions differ among the professors, select one among the conventions.
b. Follow conventions of the identified academic discipline regarding organization of paper (title page; abstract; acknowledgments; citations: APA, Chicago, MLA, endnotes, or footnotes; bibliography, works cited or works consulted; and location of pagination).

2. Submit three copies of my paper to Mr. Alexander in order for him to distribute them to peers in the other Quest Senior Thesis classes. THIS IS TO BE COMPLETED NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20th, 8:00am.

3. Submit my paper to a parent or adult family member for criticism. The family member is to write comments on the paper then sign and date the cover page after she/he has read and commented on my paper. I must emphasize to my family adult member that I need it returned to me within three calendar days of their receipt of my paper. I am then to submit this paper to Mr. Alexander. THIS IS TO BE COMPLETED NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21ST, 8:00am.

Completion of #1-#3.