QUEST II Senior Thesis Research: Semester I, 2007-2008


Saturday, October 20th before 8:30pm - First third of paper. (DAY 1)
Sunday, October 21st before 5:00pm - First third of paper. (DAY 2)

Sunday, November 4th before 5:00pm - Second third of paper. (DAY 1)
Monday, November 5th before 7:45am - Second third of paper. (DAY 2)

Monday, November 19th before 7:45am - Last third of paper. (DAY 1)
Tuesday, November 20th before 7:45am - Last third of paper. (DAY 2)

Saturday, November 24th before - 2:00pm - Intro and Conclusion (DAY 1 & DAY 2)

Monday, December 3rd before 7:45am - Submission of Paper (DAY 1 & DAY 2)

Friday, January 4th before 2:45pm - Submission of Final/Completed Paper (Day 1 and Day 2)

[The paper is to be e-mailed to Mr. Alexander and a paper-clipped hard-copy is to be submitted to his mailbox.]

Topic/Subject:Dissent in American Politics
Working Thesis: In order for a protest to affectively change the social and/or political landscape, it is to have three qualities: contagiousness, involvement of the media and general population, and gradually build to a tipping point.
Topic/Subject: Popular Culture
Working Thesis: The Colbert Report uses satire to reveal the problems of television news programs which are hosted and based on the opinions of televised political pundits, in particular the O'Reilly Factor.

Topic/Subject: Violence in Video Games
Working Thesis: Exposure to video game violence does not increase the violent behavior of normal healthy children and teenagers. A normal person conforms to the standard or level or type set as a social norm. A healthy person has good health in body and mind, lives in a financially secure family, and shows good judgment. Children are ages 7-12 and teenagers are 13-18. Violence in video games has not been proven to result in violent behavior, real life fighting and/or use of weapons.
Topic/Subject: Architecture of bridges.
Working Thesis: This research will argue that the current state of United States bridges requires immediate attention and improvement from its current state of structural deficiency since it effects the safety of the people and the country’s economy.
Topic/Subject: Mythology
Working Thesis: Classical mythology, the stories and proverbs of Greece and Rome prior to the common era (0 B.C.E.) that defined religion for the people of the area, has become an underlying theme for the modern era (the last fifty years) because of its continual presence and cultural impact dating from Roman times to the present.
Topic/Subject: International Law
Working Thesis: The Chinese government’s ruling ethnic group, the Han, infringe upon the human rights of the Xinjiang province, indigenous Uyghur people, in a racist and unjust manner in order to achieve ethnic superiority.


I must be sure to refer to the library website in order to execute a more refined search. This page is a phenomenal resource for advancing my search efforts!!!!!

Hey! I have to cite as I write!!!

I also want to do five things:

1. I want to avoid plagiarizing.

2. I want to rationalize and validate my thoughts with legitimate supportive evidence.

3. I want to apply MLA Style research techniques to my research.

4. I want to maintain a working bibliography and set of appendices if requisite to my research and paper.

5. I want to be sure that each resource and reference that I utilize is accounted for as I progress with my research. I am supposed to update while I work.

In the situation that I do not have access to a word processing program, I am to utilize the on-line writing program:

to achieve my goal.